Co-Curricular Activities

At Wisdom College we actively promote co-curricular activities, offering students valuable opportunities for personal development beyond the classroom. We host a variety of clubs, including Owlypia, Year-Book Club, Art Club, and many others, which meet weekly or fortnightly and are facilitated by our dedicated teachers.

In addition to these clubs, students look forward to our annual camps, as well as frequent curriculum-based excursions and incursions. These experiences bridge the gap between theory and practice, enriching their in-College education. Our senior students also participate in leadership and subject-specific camps, further enhancing their holistic learning journey.

The Arts

The Arts program at Wisdom College consists of Visual Art, Music, Dance and Drama. We believe that providing opportunities for our students to engage in these pursuits are vitally important to their development. 

We have staff at the College who provide these opportunities, and we also partner with a number of agencies to deliver specific services either on site or off site. 

The Arts program at Wisdom College encompasses Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Drama, all of which play a crucial role in our students’ development.

Our dedicated staff and partnerships with external agencies ensure a rich experience for our students:

  • Visual Art: Our program covers painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, filmmaking, and crafts/textiles. Opportunities include Art Shows, visiting artists, after-school and holiday programs, workshops, school murals, and sculpture competitions.

  • Music: We offer individualized music tuition with an external tutor. Our school band performs at College and community events, welcoming students interested in learning instruments or joining the band.

  • Dance: We collaborate with a local dance company for on-site lessons and off-site classes. Regular performances provide students with a platform to showcase their dance skills.

  • Drama: Our drama program centers around various performances and plays held throughout the school year. Students can audition for roles, including stage crew, lighting, prop creation, and technical assistance, highlighting the integration of different artistic forms.

Service Learning

Service is at the heart of Hizmet, which is the philosophy upon which our College is built upon. We encourage all students to engage with some type of service, and we provide opportunities to do so. These include activities both inside and outside of College and include the following:

  • Soup kitchen

  • Gardening

  • Reading to Primary students

  • Coaching or managing a sport, or music

  • Mentoring 

  • Playing music at community events

  • Cleaning

  • Charity work

  • Fundraising

  • Tutoring

  • Conducting art lessons

  • Volunteering


At our College, we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities for students at every year level. These opportunities encompass on-site sports activities conducted before or after school, as well as participation in organised club-based competitions

In our Primary School, we partner with organisations to provide programs in Futsal, Basketball, AFL, and Soccer, focusing on skill development.

For Secondary School, we collaborate with sports groups for workshops and training in Soccer, AFL, Basketball, Volleyball, and Futsal. We also work with local clubs for team placement in various sports like Cricket, Athletics, Swimming, and Rugby League.

We participate in school-based competitions across South East Queensland and occasionally offer fitness training, including gym visits and instructor-led sessions

Camps and Excursions

We deliver a range of camps throughout the year for many year levels. These are held at various specialised outdoor education venues throughout South East Queensland. Activities that are commonly done at camp include hiking, kayaking, camp craft skills such as cooking and pitching a tent, high ropes, low ropes and survival skills.


Our excursions include:

  • Canberra Tour – to explore our democracy, Parliament & Australian history.

  • Outback Tour – to experience life in the Australian outback.

  • Tropics Tour – a visit to Far North Queensland to see our rainforests, reef, and Aboriginal culture

  • Art Tour – a visit to Melbourne to immerse our students in fantastic art, drama, and musical forms of expression, design and learning.


Year Level

Venue and days

Learning outcomes

Year 3 Overnight camp at School 1 night 1 day  Independence, confidence and organisational skills.
Year 4 YMCA Camp- Old Petrie Town 1 night 2 days  Independence, social responsibility, Resilience and problem solving.
Year 5/6 YMCA Camp Warrawee 2 nights 3 days  Confidence, team work, leadership opportunities, problem solving and connection with others.
Year 7/8 Camp Cooby 2 nights 3 days  Leadership, consequential thinking, Perspective taking and empathy, Resilience and communication
Year 9/10 Camp Kokoda 2 nights 3 days  Resilience, character, leadership and team work
Year 11/12 Kokoda Park 2 nights 3 days  Developing independence, confidence, self-awareness, creativity and problem solving.