College Houses

Our students are allocated into one of four Pastoral Houses. These are known as the Rams, Bucks, Ravens, and Eagles. Students are allocated to a House upon enrolment, with siblings are placed into the same House. Students represent their respective Houses for a variety of College events including our swimming carnival, athletics carnival, cross country and various sporting and/or cultural activities. 

It is within these Houses that students learn teamwork, communication, and collaboration which are elements of learning we aim to foster within our students. Students also compete in sporting events for their House. There is significant House spirit at these events which students enjoy immensely.





Pastoral Care Approach

Our pastoral care program is centered on nurturing essential life skills, fostering the core values of our College and community, and cultivating the qualities necessary for our students to thrive in the present and the future.

To achieve these goals, we’ve integrated various initiatives, including after-school clubs, outdoor recreational activities, and term camps into our curriculum. As educators, we recognize our responsibility extends beyond imparting knowledge; we are dedicated to instilling kindness, empathy, acceptance, and gratitude in our students.

Transitioning into Wisdom

There are key transition points for every school, and at Wisdom we ensure that children and parents are provided with the support and information they require to prepare for that next big step.


Before a child even commences their education at Wisdom, parents are invited into the College to meet with staff. These meetings establish a partnership between home and College and allow teachers to gain a better understanding of the unique needs of each child.

Students are then brought into the classrooms prior to commencement to allow them to build familiarity with their new learning spaces and to learn some of the key routines.

Year 6 to 7:

The transition from Primary into Secondary is a big step. What is normally one teacher and one classroom, soon becomes several teachers and several classrooms.

This brings with it increased complexity and a greater need to be organised. We start to prepare students for this transition in the second half of the Year 6 year. We do so by bringing them into the Secondary spaces, meeting teachers, exploring subject content, learning routines, and visiting their new classrooms. We also communicate with parents to inform them similarly of their new surroundings for their child, as well as assisting them with secondary years subjects, teachers, events and routines.

Early in Year 7 we conduct a parent information session where staff meet with parents and provide key information about the year ahead. Finally, we conduct a range of pastoral care initiatives to build friendships, to assist with organisation, and to develop independence.


Year 10 to 11:

The move into Year 11 which is formally known as the senior years of schooling begins in Year 10. Students are required to select their senior subjects and in doing so receive information on ATAR and Vocational pathways.

Allied Health

As a community minded College, we have a commitment to provide a range of ancillary services to our students and our parents. These are designed to support both their academic performance as well as their social and emotional wellbeing. 


We partner with a local Psychologist who provides services to the students at our College to assist them to manage their mental health needs. This may include post traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, stress and other conditions that are having a impact on their ability to learn effectively. 

Guidance & Careers Counsellor


Speech Pathologist

We have partnered with a local speech pathologist to provide additional support to both staff, students and teachers.