Our Staff

College Leadership Team


Damien Barry – d.barry@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Head of Teaching and Learning

Head of Co-Curricular

Heads of Secondary School/ Head of Operations

Jayne Gillespie – j.gillespie@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Head of Primary

Olivia Starkey – o.starkey@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Business Manager

Gaylene Bell – g.bell@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Middle Management

Enrichment Co-ordinator

Shantelle Jones – s.jones@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

E-Learning Co-ordinator

Radha Devi – r.devi@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Upper Primary Co-Ordinator

Hayley Condron – h.condron@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Lower Primary Co-ordinator

Emma Screen – e.screen@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Community Engagement


Ozgur Ozdemir – o.ozdemir@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Primary Staff


Prep A – Tyler Baillie – t.baillie@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Prep B – Cassidy Gifford – c.gifford@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Year 1

Year 1A – Kathryn Brandt – k.brandt@wisdom.qld.edu.au  

Year 1B – Amie Lucht – a.lucht@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Year 2

Year 2A – Emma Screen – e.screen@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Year 2B – Tasneem Parker – t.parker@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Year 3

Year 3A – Kara Coster – k.coster@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Year 3B – Nasreen Abdulla – n.abdulla@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Year 4

Year 4A – Bibi Hussein – b.hussein@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Year 4B – Sandra Ley – s.ley@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Year 5

Year 5A – Radha Devi – r.devi@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Year 5B – Elizabeth Floreani – e.floreani@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Year 6

Year 6A – Hayley Condron – h.condron@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Year 6B – Holly Cox – h.cox@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Values and Religion

Ahmed (Imam) Ghazaleh – a.ghazaleh@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Heba Thuwabah – h.thuwabah@wisdom.qld.edu.au 


Rabab Soukarieh – r.soukarieh@wisdom.qld.edu.au


Matthew Barclay – m.barclay@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Music Teacher

Richard Maze – r.maze@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Secondary Staff

Maths, Science and Biology

Anne-Marie Lopez – a.lopez@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

English, Business, Legal and Humanities

English and Humanities


Damien Barry – d.barry@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Science and Maths

Fathima Omar – f.omar@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Psychology, Maths and Life Skills

Jayne Gillespie – j.gillespie@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

 English, Technology and Art

Eden-Jane O’Donnell – e.odonnell@wisdom.qld.edu.au

English, Humanities, Film and TV


Matthew Barkley – m.barkley@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Religion and Value

Noura Ghazaleh – n.ghazaleh@wisdom.qld.edu.au 


Rabab Soukarieh – r.soukarieh@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Health and Maths

Shantelle Jones – s.jones@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Maths and Business


Careers & Guidance Counsellor

Learning Support and EALD

Robyn Beiers – r.beiers@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Natalie Clarke – n.clarke@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Teacher AIDE (PREP)

Samantha Cenan – s.cenan@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Sora Van Der Linden – s.linden@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Teacher Aide (Primary)

Hannah Rajab – h.rajab@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Teacher Aide (Primary & Secondary)

Joanne Spooner – j.spooner@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Administration Staff

Admin (Front Desk)

Esma Turk – e.turk@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Admin (Secondary School)

Amanda Nicholls – a.nicholls@wisdom.qld.edu.au

Marketing and Enrolment Officer

Aliya Wazir – a.wazir@wisdom.qld.edu.au 



Omer Ozgun – o.ozgun@wisdom.qld.edu.au 

Property and Facilities

Property Manager

School Bus Driver

Bilal Aldori – b.aldori@wisdom.qld.edu.au