Our Enrichment Department supports learners across the entire spectrum of learning and development. This includes support for students who are experiencing learning difficulties, students with disabilities, and for students where English is their second language. We also deliver programs for students who would benefit from extension or complexity work.

This is sometimes known as a Gifted and Talented program, however since we firmly believe that all students have gifts and talents, we instead prefer to use the terms extension, complexity or enrichment. For these students, there are opportunities to participate in tailored programs, events, and competitions that will certainly challenge and extend their intellect.

From the time your child enrols at Wisdom College, teachers will make every effort to identify your child’s strengths as well as any learning development issues. Baseline testing in literacy & numeracy provides a starting point for our work and is further supported by other available data as your child progresses.

Our specialist enrichment teachers work closely with classroom teachers and provide extra assistance that enables your child to meet their needs. Within the classroom, teachers develop and implement differentiated learning that is tailored to the individual student. Students are withdrawn from the classroom to participate in small group activities intensifying further progress. Working in collaboration with teachers, parents and the student, we ensure facilitation of processes and strategies to maximise the opportunities for your child.

Students are supported in mainstream classes and participate in small group tuition that meets their individual needs expressed through an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Teachers together with parents, set individual goals for the student to achieve at home and at school. If a clear diagnosis has been established and required reports are available, an Education Adjustment Program (EAP) Application can be submitted to Independent Schools Queensland, which may lead to Verification and extra support available for Impaired students.

For further information on our Enrichment services, please contact our Enrichment Co-ordinator Shantelle Jones: s.jones@wisdom.qld.edu.au