Community is vitally important to us. We are a College community whose mission is not only to educate children, but to also provide a place for parents, family and local community members to engage, to learn, to receive support.

To help us achieve this, we have a Community Engagement Co-ordinator on staff. His name is Suleyman Kaya and his email is

Suleyman’s role is to build connections between College and home, between staff and parents, and across all of the different faith, ethnic and cultural backgrounds within our College community.


To further strengthen our community we do the following:

  • Partner with allied health providers and practitioners to deliver health services
  • Create and deliver a vibrant Pastoral Care program that includes mentoring and life skills
  • Provide after school Arabic and Islamic studies
  • Ensure opportunities for our students to provide services across our broader community through our student service learning program

Parents and Friends

The P&F is an integral part of our college and provides a formal structure and support network for parents to participate in activities and decision-making processes, and to work for the benefit of the College and their children.

Wisdom College values home, school and community partnerships in order to provide the best for our children and the P&F play a key role in this goal.


The P&F focus is on community building, supporting school events and fundraising.  They aim to develop strong partnerships with the wider community and ensure that our students benefit from these community networks, skills, resources and expertise. 

The aims of the P&F group are to: 

  • Provide support, information and an avenue for involvement for parents, guardians and caregivers in their children’s education and the broader school community

  • Encourage collaboration between parents, guardians, caregivers and school staff

  • Support and nurture the vision and mission of the College.

In addition to this, the P&F objectives are to:

  • Build community

  • Facilitate collaboration

  • Enable social engagement

  • Perform community service


At Wisdom College, we understand the importance of an engaged and vibrant community. There are many opportunities for involvement through P&F Events and initiatives.  If you are interested in getting involved and supporting Wisdom College P&F please contact Bushra Beg (President) or Canan Coskun (Head of Co-Curricular)

P&F meetings will be held on Wednesday’s from 5:30pm-6:30pm in the Wisdom House. Please see meeting dates below.


Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Wednesday  7th february wednesday 6th march p&f agm 5pm


wednesday 24th april wednesday 15th may    wednesday 5th june
wednesday 17th july    wednesday 21st august
wednesday 9th october wednesday 6th november


Resource List

Books & Stationary

Sequel has a Wisdom College account.

 We provide parents with a book order instruction form which gives them step by step instructions regarding ordering.

On the website our school is listed and when parents click the link each year level book list comes up. They then just select the booklist they require and make payment. They don’t need to log in.


Lunch Ordering System

We have partnered with Blackout Coffee to bring our community an easy online ordering system via the Flexischools App.


Uniform SHop

Uniforms are available for purchase either online or instore at School Locker, Oxley. Visit Wisdom College (Calamvale) – Shop By School – School Locker (

Boys Uniform
Girls Uniform
  • Dark grey 3/4 short or trousers
  • Boys dark grey socks
  • Secondary Formal Blazer
  • Sky blue button up short sleeve shirt
  • Boys grey striped tie
  • Grey striped 3/4 length skirt
  • Girls dark grey socks
  • Secondary formal blazer
  • Sky blue button up short or long sleeve shirt
  • Girls grey striped tie

Public Transport

Council Bus Service – The bus stop is located on Algester Road 200mts from Wisdom College

* Algester Rd at Formby Street Stop 89, Algester


2023 Term Dates

Term 1

Start – Monday 24th January

Last Day – Thursday 30th March

Term 2

Start – Monday 17 April

Last Day – Friday 16 June

Term 3

Start – Monday 10 July

Last Day – Friday 15th September

Term 4

Start Tuesday 3th October

Last Day Friday 1st December

Year 12’s Last Day