Prep to Year 6

Our Primary Years of College life prides itself on being a happy and nurturing community which focuses on the importance to the development of the whole child. Our compassionate and skilled teachers ensure that students receive the best education possible through an enormous focus on literacy and numeracy skills.

We encourage our young learners to use language confidently and to develop skills and knowledge which will enable them to interpret their world around them and enhance their learning and effective participation in society. Every day students have an opportunity to take part in rich literacy and numeracy activities which are influenced by an inquiry approach allowing our young learners to investigate, collaborate, ask questions, explore ideas and practice their skills.

Our strong academic programs are in line with the Australian Curriculum and are delivered by our caring and qualified staff who are committed to their own professional development. Our students in Prep to Year 6 are offered a rich curriculum including STEM, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Values, Languages and Music.

Wisdom students also have the unique opportunity to learn in our eco-garden with tailored programs written exclusively for our College community. Our natural green spaces and custom designed nature play area allow for daily play and exploration.

Supporting students where English is a second language

Many students that attend Wisdom College are part of a family that has come to Australia from different parts of the world. Wisdom College, a multicultural community, has many students learning English as their second or even third language.

Sometimes these students fall behind because they are not exposed to English as often as children whose parents only speak Standard Australian English. In order to help these students, an EALD teacher (English as an Additional Language / Dialect) works with the classroom teachers to identify and assist the children whose lack of exposure is affecting their progress.

Once the students have been identified as needing assistance, they are taught in small groups by the EALD teacher. Students are encouraged to continue with assistance in EALD classes for as long as both the classroom teacher and the EALD teacher consider that it may be necessary. Our goal is to help students to progress, to acquire better English and develop communication skills, which will help them cope better in the classroom and in future learning.