Developing Self-Regulated, Self-Directed, Self-Driven Learners

At Wisdom College, we recognize the unique qualities of each student and understand the importance of tailoring our educational programs to meet their individual needs. Like all educational institutions, we grapple with the challenge of providing engaging learning experiences throughout each student’s journey. At Wisdom College, our commitment to remain a smaller college is pivotal in ensuring that we cater to the individual needs of our students, and enables our teaching and learning to provide an extensive array of opportunities designed to inspire and motivate our students.

Our approach is characterized by its inclusivity, catering to students of all abilities, and allowing them to explore their specific interests. Furthermore, students at Wisdom College are better able to foster strong relationships with their teachers, who take the time to truly understand them, thus affording students opportunities for success in their learning. In the Secondary School at Wisdom College, we are dedicated to these principles.

Our students are increasingly empowered to make choices regarding subjects aligned with their unique interests. These choices encompass a field, ranging from academically rigorous courses to practical vocational training, traineeships, and apprenticeships. Regardless of the path chosen, the majority of our students opt for further tertiary education after graduating from Wisdom.

In tandem with our emphasis on academic achievement, Wisdom College places a high priority on leadership and service programs, nurturing a holistic approach to life. Students entering the Wisdom Community immediately gain access to a wealth of leadership and service opportunities. These experiences are an integral and fully integrated part of the Wisdom College ethos.

Our core values of Respect, Integrity, Compassion, and Excellence, combined with the ethos of Wisdom College, encourage students to consider the needs of others before their own. Through meaningful and impactful community engagement, students contribute to those in need both locally and globally. This commitment sets the stage for a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Wisdom College provides an array of opportunities in sports, activities, and the arts. These challenging pursuits bring students together with dedicated staff mentors, facilitating the development of their skills and abilities. Subsequently, students routinely test their capabilities in diverse environments and against formidable opponents.

Our college-wide motto, “Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow” is not only at the heart of all that we do in the Secondary School but also an inherent component of our programs. As students mature, we are confident that they will graduate from Wisdom College with a comprehensive education, a passion for lifelong learning, a moral compass to guide them, and a sincere desire to make positive contributions as global citizens.

At Wisdom College, our commitment to innovation shines through in our modified timetable, where Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday are dedicated to our comprehensive curriculum days focused on the National Australian Curriculum. Additionally, we proudly offer our innovative Project Day on Wednesdays where students engage in inquiry-based projects that span the National Australian Curriculum, whilst also allowing our students to explore exciting cutting edge topics and technology.  This is also complemented with our early finish Friday’s where we end our school week at 12:40pm, an initiative that aligns with educational best practices around the world which not only lowers mental health challenges in teenagers today, but also improves their academic performance and outcomes. This unique approach to education empowers our students to become Self-Regulated, Self-Directed, Self-Driven Learners.

Mr James Easthope
Head of Secondary

Wisdom College – ‘Doing School differently’

Year 7

Developing Self-Regulated, Self-Directed, Self-Driven Learners

In Year Seven, our students embark on a comprehensive academic journey encompassing a range of subjects aligned
with the Australian curriculum. During this pivotal year, they cultivate subject-specific proficiencies while forging
connections that transcend disciplinary boundaries. Our combined focus on the Australian curriculum with our
innovative project days help to nurture inventive thinking across all learning domains and fosters the development of
crucial skills in creativity, design thinking, problem-solving, and introspective reflection.As students progress through the Secondary School, we are dedicated to nurturing their development into organized, independent, balanced, and confident learners. Our approach aligns seamlessly with the Wisdom College ethos of holistic education, which encompasses not only academic excellence but also active participation in our co-curricular

Our transition program is thoughtfully crafted to foster meaningful connections, address students’ needs, strengthen
our collaboration with parents, and equip students for success in Secondary School.

Our support system for Year Seven students during their transition includes:

  • Student Buddies
  • Welcoming sessions with key staff members
  • Informative ‘What I Wish I’d Known’ sessions featuring insights from current Year Seven students
  • A Peer Support Program where Year Ten students mentor Year Seven students
  • Camp

These initiatives are carefully designed to provide students with the necessary support and to alleviate any concerns
they may have as they embark on their Secondary School journey at Wisdom College. Furthermore, our dedicated
teaching staff is committed to fostering a collaborative and enriching learning environment that is both challenging
and secure, enabling every student to excel.

Year 10 Work Experience

Explore the Real World with Wisdom College’s Year 10 Work Experience Program

At Wisdom College, we believe in empowering our students with the practical knowledge and experiences they need
to thrive in the professional world. Our Year 10 Work Experience Program, held in Term 3, is a testament to this

  • A Placement for Every Student:
    We encourage our Year 10 students to actively seek placements in fields they are passionate about, providing them with a unique opportunity to explore potential career paths. Our aim is to foster their interests and help them make informed decisions about their future.
  • Guidance for All:
    For students who may face challenges in securing a placement, Wisdom College steps in to ensure every student has an enriching work experience. We work tirelessly to match students with the right placement to maximize their
    learning and growth.
  • Diverse Placement Opportunities:
    Our program boasts a diverse range of placement opportunities. From medical centers, psychology practices, and sonography to trade skills such as carpentry, plumbing, and electrician training, our students gain exposure to a multitude of industries. We also partner with gyms for personal training experiences, offer swimming instructor training, and provide insights into the world of childcare. Our connections extend to local businesses in the fields ofhospitality, mechanical work, engineering, accounting, and financial advisory roles.
  • Professional Workplace Settings:
    Our program ensures that students not only observe but actively participate in real-world professional settings. This hands-on experience allows them to develop essential skills, understand workplace dynamics, and build confidence.

At Wisdom College, we are dedicated to preparing our students for a successful future. Our Year 10 Work Experience
Program is just one example of our commitment to providing a well-rounded and comprehensive education. We
invite you to explore the opportunities that await your child at Wisdom College.

Supporting Students where English is a second language

Similar to our programs in the Primary Years, we employ specialist EALD teachers (English as an additional language / dialect) to support both students and other teachers to learn, to communicate, and to access the education they need to flourish in all of their subjects and assessment tasks. Our goal is to enable our students to gain confidence, skills and qualifications to then go on to pursue their desired career path. We do both individual and small group interventions, we provide a range of targeted programs, and we partner with families.