At Wisdom College, we believe in creating a safe, exciting and inquisitive environment for our youngest students. Within the foundation year, students are encouraged to explore the curriculum through many different ways. We provide our students the opportunity to learn through inquiry, investigations and tailored lessons to suit their abilities.

Starting school can be a very exciting time for our Preps and our staff take pride in building positive and healthy relationships with them to ensure that their first year into their schooling journey is a safe and supportive one. We invite you all to come and visit our school, talk to our teachers and experience our school community for yourself. 


Our Classrooms:

  • Small class sizes of 20

  • Full time teacher aides

  • Spacious classrooms

  • In building facilities

  • Inquiry based learning stations.

  • Growing IT access


Our Teachers:

  • Enthusiastic

  • Caring

  • Experienced

  • Organised

  • Approachable